The International Women's Club 

of Moscow

"Women from around the world dedicated to the welfare of the people of the Russian Federation. 

The IWC Charities Group Helps:

  • Pensioners
  • Women
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Homeless
  • Handicapped


IWC Charities Group supports Moscow's soup kitchens and undertakes food distribution programs within Moscow and outlying districts.

How IWC Charities Group Helps:

  • Funding
  • Food
  • Education
  • Clothing
  • Professional Help
  • Loving Hands
  • Vocational Training 

Where IWC Charities Group Helps:


Why IWC Charities Group Helps:

To help vulnerable Russians, young and old, achieve a better quality of life. To help existing organizations which struggle to survive in the face of financial and bureaucratic hardship.
IWC Charities Group volunteers visit baby houses and orphanages to spend time with children who have received little affection in their lives. They provide humanitarian aid such as toys, clothing and food. Women's prisons in Russia are seriously overcrowded and under-equipped. The IWC Charities Group provides basic medical and sanitary supplies and donations of food to these institutions.
The IWC Charities Group constantly evaluates and oversees all projects which receive funding from us and our sponsoring businesses and organizations.



There are endless opportunities for us to help, and we are always in need of extra resources. Everyone has something they can give:  donations of clothing or household goods, the time to serve a bowl of soup or cuddle a child, to co-ordinate activities or assist in administration. It is a  wonderfully rewarding activity and a way of giving something back to the city and the people in the community.

If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact any member of the IWC Charities Group or send us an email:


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